Artist Statement

I keep returning in my work to the gaps between a thing, or a concept, and the words and images used in description, naming and response. These gaps are very important to me and are my starting points for making art and for writing. My artworks use techniques from fiction, criticism and visual poetry, to produce essay-like installations that similarly make use of the elastic, fraught and comic conversation between language and images.

Most recently I have been working on text installations that survey our changing understanding of the material world. These works reference the use of language and systems in conceptual art, as a way of thinking through the propositions of subjectivity and materiality that emerged with structuralism, and continue to morph alongside digital technology. This technology augments but also disrupts our individual and collective understandings of ourselves as agents. I’m interested in the associated implications, threats and desires for a dematerialised future and how these might be rethought through both language and materials.

Lynne Barwick CV

Contact: writelynnebarwick(at)gmail.com